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Standing Alone?

Updated: May 21, 2022

Do you ever feel isolated in your thoughts and feelings? I think we all do sometimes; but what happens when those thoughts stay or last longer than they should?

Feelings and emotions can be like a tidal wave crashing upon us , and if we are not careful, we can feel as though we are being pulled out to sea. Feelings are quirky ; they aren't always telling us the "truth" about the situation. You may feel all alone and unloved, but that isn't truth. You may feel as though you have no future or anything to look forward to; but that also is not truth. You may feel your circumstances will never change; not true!

Truth , which is God's Word , says something radically different!!

Every day is a choice to follow God's truth.

See, God has a plan for EVERYONE; not just the smart , well-off, or most talented.

In fact, He chooses to use the most unlikely of people. Why?

Because God gets ALL the glory !

So if you are under construction right now and feel like a hot mess, you are a perfect candidate for God's goodness, glory and transforming power.

You, my friend, are PERFECT!! Don't believe everything you feel.

You have never been alone a day in your life!!! God above has watched every step and every choice you have made-- the good, the bad ,and the ugly. We have free will; it is a gift from a loving God . He wishes for us to use such a gift to choose Him to lead us and to live a Godly lifestyle; not because He wants control, but because He wants us to have the blessings, rewards and beautiful things that life has to offer if we do choose to follow Him and align our life with His will for us.

The Truth is , you have a Father who knows and cares about your innermost thoughts. He knows how feelings can sway us because He became human and walked this life also.

He is relatable and beside you; Know that, believe that, and take comfort in truth.

May you feel His love and hand on your life this day.

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