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A New Harvest....

A New Harvest

Do you wrestle over the same things? I think we all do at times, but do you ever feel like you need a reset button? I do. I want to have that on fire, fresh new Believer joy and outlook !! If you have been a Believer for any length of time, it's not that you don't still appreciate ALL God has done for you , but sometimes I feel I need refreshed and renewed.

Last night , the Lord said, just ask. I will plant fresh new seeds in your heart that will take root and renew the passion you first had. You will have new ideas and fresh revelation when you read my Word and when you pray!! A new harvest will come if you nurture that seed. Water it with prayer, reading and love. God is no respecter of persons; ask Him to replant new seeds in your heart to refresh and ignite a new passion for your life. What a harvest we could see if we all asked that of our wonderful and generous Father. Take the seed challenge; ask Him to put new ideas, a new freshness, a new passion and a new boldness to take hold of your heart as you sleep. Let Him do His beautiful work as you rest my friend. Much love and hugs !

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