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Carnal Minded

We all have moments where we are carnal minded in some way. Maybe we think we need more "things" or a different job, or a different address. While there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things, it can become an obstacle spiritually. We shouldn't be envious, jealous or strive to have "things" and make that goal our priority. Material things come and go, but friendships, love and family are far more valuable. The Kingdom of God and sharing His love and salvation with as many broken hearts as possible is the priority.

Don't be lead by the carnal mind, but by the Spirit. The Spirit of God should be our guide. Our goal should be centered around maturing in our faith and increasing our faith and building our relationship with Him. These are priorities and prayers that grab God's attention. He longs for us to be closer and desire His will for our lives.

Don't be sidetracked by the shiny things in life. Shine dulls. Don't be drawn into worldly passions and enticements. There is very little joy or meaning in these things. Of all times in history, this is the time to be Kingdom minded and show others what is "missing" from their lives that cannot be filled by material things. People are scared , wandering aimlessly for the next "fix" to make life feel better and seem more manageable. We have hope and an answer for that. Share. Be fearless and mission minded in these days. The world needs us. This is not a dress rehearsal; this is the live show!!! It's time to perform. Time to shine and let our Father's glory and love be seen and felt. Shine!!!!! Make a point to reach out to at least 1 person today w/ kindness and love.

The apostles didn't sit at home and hope people got saved. The book of ACTS is just that ; it is ACTION. The stage has been set.... Lights, Camera, ACTION my friend.

Much Love , and as always, Hugs.

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