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Coming Out of the Storm

Do you feel a little beat up right now?

Maybe things are going as smoothly as you would like?

Do you feel your dreams are fading away and the sparkle in your eyes is growing dim?

Tears may be running down your cheek right now because of the sadness you carry?

Can I remind you child of God that storms don't last. You may be bent but, you are not broken! Like a mighty palm tree you may be swaying to and fro almost bending to the ground but you have not broken; nor will you.

Can I remind you child of God that storms don't last. Your Savior will stand before the wind and calm it before you break. You were never meant to be broken; you were meant to see your strength. He hasn't left you and He knows your pain. He experienced it firsthand.

Don't fear the storm! The waves that would crush you He walks on. He rebukes them and they listen. Nothing is out of reach or control. Your storm , your sadness is being managed.

It is a controlled storm because He is for you , not against you. You won't be overtaken.

You will grow; you will flourish. You will show others how to manage their storm through prayer and through faith. They will see how you overcame and they will know that God truly is with you.

You can't be a warrior if you haven't been in a fight. In order to slay a giant, there must first be a giant introduced to your life. Don't fear it. Rise up, Speak over it. Be the warrior that God knows you are... a spiritual warrior that changes atmospheres and believes in miracles. A warrior that refuses to let the enemy steal their ground. Draw a line in the sand by faith and stand firm child. Nothing is bigger than your God and you are not are being strengthened and pruned; let God do His work. It is good.

Much love and as always, Hugs.

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