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Complete in Him

Colossians 2:9-10

For in (Christ) dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are complete in Him.

You don't need more skills or more money or more gifts or more talents or more anything.

Sometimes we forget what we have or fail to discover it because we don't take time w/ God to have those things revealed to us. Maybe we are just too afraid to ask.?

I walked around for years saying, I will do whatever God calls me to do as long as it isn't speaking. I am terrible in front of people and I get so anxious I almost pass out. It's terrible; the tightening in the throat, the knot in the stomach and the nausea. I always thought I knew what my gifts were and it was NOT public speaking for sure. Reassured this would not come up I prayed in a group w/ other leaders about revealing our gifts. I asked God to send me a message in some form revealing my talents for His purpose. Oh boy , did I get the message!

The message was, God knew what I was capable of because He is the one who designed me. It was for His purpose that I was created. Life, fear , and insecurity as a child , taught me that I was not a public speaker. God said different. We are complete in Christ. You were fully designed for this life and His purpose. Once you pray and accept His direction, everything will fall into place. You will have peace because you are aligned w/ His will and not yours.

You don't know you as well as you think you do.

Friend, if you think you are not gifted or haven't found your niche. Relax! Don't get all worked up over it and don't fear praying about it. Don't be afraid to hear God's answer. He DOES know what is best. Trust !!!! Pray and ask Him to show you in a way that will catch your attention what you are gifted in. Then patiently wait for it to be revealed .... and it will.

Submission to God brings a fresh freedom. It sounds the opposite doesn't it?

But in this case, Submission = Freedom!

Be free and embrace who God says you are. Desire to find out who that person is .

Ask God to remove from your mind who you say you are , and renew your mind with the truth of who He says you are. Be free. You only live once in this body; live it with boldness, freedom and learning to love who you really are. Be complete in Him.

Much love and hugs!

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