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Answer these questions in order in the replys and your name will be put into a drawing and the winners will be announced Friday evening. There is more than 1 book to win. Each small book is approximately 60 to 100pgs. (companion books) 1st book is: 199 Promises of God 2nd book is: Putting an X Through Anxiety 3rd book is: God Will Use This For Good Question # 1. Do you prefer text or video devotions? 2. Do you prefer morning devotions or evening? 3. answer "done" : Place on your fb an invitation for your friends to check out either G2G on FB or the official website There will be other giveaways to come! I love you all. Let's encourage one another and live a joyful life!! Thanks again. New things are coming.

GRACE2GROW.NET Christian Speaker | Grace2grow At Grace2Grow we offer devotions, conversation and teachings to help navigate and stay positive in a stressful world. Our strength and encouragement comes from Jesus! Let us encourage you today.

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