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Dare To Dream

Dream... Beautiful Brothers & Sisters.... DREAM! If God has spoken into your heart the breath of something new, embrace it. If God has placed a dream in your heart for a totally different life then pray and desire it. Do not let the enemy steal a dream that God has given you. Recently He has spoken to me to paint. He said , I will give you the pictures and you paint them. I am not an artist that I know of; I have never attempted painting but if God places in me a vision to paint for a season, then I shall paint. They will be shared on the website as they are finished just as He said. The enemy longs to keep us in our defeated, dark and "it's always been this way" box --- Don't accept it! It doesn't matter how "good" my painting is ... it is that I am obedient to what He said. I know I will be rewarded with peace and affirmation for doing what He asked of me no matter what the world may think of them. It is not the world's acceptance I am after.

Run with the passions and dreams He gives you. I am not saying to be reckless or sell everything and live in a VW van down by the river...ok!?! I am saying PRAY about it more than once; but do not fear stepping out if you have confirmation from Him. Dare to be the person that He sees- not your version. Your version is limited and doesn't use your full potential or abilities. God's version is fantastic and beautiful and blessed and alive !!!

Embrace who God created you to be. Don't apologize- God made you perfectly. Dare to ask God to place a dream or fresh vision in you heart and mind. Dare Him to breathe a creative breath into your very being and ask His guidance. He is so good and so beautiful. Imagine becoming all He created you to be.... to walk fully and satisfied. It can be your reality. Pray , Embrace and Believe. Much love and hugs!

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