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Don't Allow The World to Block Your Blessings.

When the world says, that idea is impossible; dare to dream it!

When the world mocks you for not participating in worldly pleasures; remember the cost of those pleasures.

Everything has a price and a consequence.

When the world defines your beauty & worth; search the Word.

When your situation & debt seems impossible; trust God to provide & restore.

All things are possible, but they DO require faith and trust in a God that has been here forever. He has seen many generations not reach their potential, not achieve true joy , and not fulfill their plan in life because they were focused on the "real world" of today.

The real world IS the unseen world. It is where Heaven hears your prayers and sends help at just the right time and just the right place.

Don't block a blessing in your life because it is not approved of by people who only have human wisdom and have NO power in their lives. That would be foolish.

We live by a different set of beliefs. Do not miss out on God's opportunities by listening to fools. Seek wise counsel; seek Godly counsel and live by faith.

This world has miracles to be seen and had.... don't you want them?? I do. I want to see Jesus in every area of my life; I want Him to manifest in my life in every possible way. He IS the way; there is no other. Church won't save you. Being a good person won't save you. You can't save you..... only JESUS. Live your life abundantly; it isn't too late to change.

Love you all & hugs

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