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Don't be one of Job's friends...

When we think of the word "brokenness" we almost always navigate our thoughts to Job. Brokenness is forcibly being separated into 2 or more pieces; fractured.

Emotional brokenness can be even harder to heal from than a physical brokenness.

Job 6:2 If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales...

This shows the extreme weight and anguish that was sitting on his shoulders and his heart. Pain that is devastating beyond words. Maybe you've been there and maybe not; Either way, you do not need friends like his.

When things go wrong in your life, and they will, The last thing you need are friends that discourage your relationship with God.

There are very godly people serving the Lord with all of their heart that are going through devastating pain and hardship right now. This is no reflection of their faith or lack there of. What they need from their friends is encouragement to believe in God's faithfulness and promises.

If your friends don't lift you up in prayer and build-up your relationship with Jesus and your faith then you don't need them during a hardship. I want friends that when I am starting to be angry and distrust what God has given me, to stand firm and tell me that Jesus is coming through and that those answers will come and pray with me. I don't need kicked when I'm already down.

Make sure that if you have friends going through a difficult time that you encourage them to believe and trust that God can intervene in any situation. There is nothing too hard for Him and they are not out of His reach.

Trials will come and one of the biggest blessings we have are our dear friends. Make sure when their trial comes, that you stand behind them and bring good and wise counsel. You will be blessed and so will they. This is when we ARE God's church. Much love and as always hugs,!

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