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Exciting news and Happy Friday!!! So, I ordered several books and some will be used as a give-a-way in the coming weeks. I appreciate all of those who have stood by G2G and me stepping back for a bit. I love you all and I wanted to say thank you by offering some "gifts" or tokens of my appreciation. Here is a sneak peek at what's to come!!!

May your weekend be blessed. May you feel peace and find a true rest in our Lord Jesus . I pray healing over your mind, body and spiritual walk. May you laugh much, cry little (unless it's happy tears) and forgive always. Do not let anyone steal your peace; unforgiveness will do just that. Trust and move forward, even if that means busting the rearview mirror out of your life. Be determined to grow and be healthy. Be determined in your walk w/ Jesus to become more like Him. I believe in you; and more importantly He believes in you!! You are fully equipped to handle what you have in your life , and you are not fighting your battles alone. Much Love & hugs.

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