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God Has You,

Good Morning Beautiful!!! How are you!! If you feel the enemy is after you, and you are walking close with Jesus, just know it's a compliment ! It means you're growing. It means you're showing fruit , Becoming more solid on your spiritual feet, and it means you're a threat to his plan to steal, kill and destroy.

It means you won't fall for his lies as easily. It means you are taking control of your thoughts and casting out those that do not lineup with God's will. It means when you do get knocked down - you don't stay down as long as you once did. You are not who you once were !!! Praise God you are wiser, more bold, and stronger! Put on the full armour of God my friend! Make no mistake, you are in a battle. This battle starts in your thoughts, so guard them!! Don't entertain just any old thought.

What would have broken you a few years ago will empower you today. You know that God will come through. You stand firm because you know the victory is yours. You have peace because God keeps his promises and will never forsake us. He has proven Himself time and time again. He has earned our trust. He will walk through every fiery trial with you and bring you out the other side and you won't even smell like smoke!!!!

Children of God, Lift one another up and pray boldly. Walk through this trial with your head up and your crown straightened. And when the darkness is behind you, and you have walked into the sunlight once again, share with everyone all the goodness that has come from that trial. Share how He delivered you and how He loves you completely!!! Empower someone else who is just beginning to see the storm come their way! Encourage them, pray for them. We are people of VICTORY. Walk toward that storm like you own it; because you know Who is in control. God bless you!! Much love , and as always hugs!!!

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