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God is Faithful; but God is Still God

God's faithfulness is not dependent on your works or your faithfulness. It is based soley on His mercy and love towards you. We must remember WHO He is. He isn't someone who grants every wish and demand we offer up. He is merciful but also GOD. We may be living during a period of grace (praise God) but He is still capable of wrath and fair judgement.

The importance of walking very closely with God cannot be underestimated. We need Him every day to be able to walk in a way that is pleasing to Him especially in this world. We are to fill our mind with good things, pleasant things, Godly things.

David Jeremiah and others have been teaching lately that our nation is under prepared when it comes to dedication to our walk of faith. The persecution (1 in 7 Christians around the world) is happening everywhere but here; that will soon change according to many who say we are weak in our beliefs and our relationship with Jesus.

Whether you agree or not- one thing is certain:

If we say we are followers of Christ, then our walk better reflect the values that we should be following. We all have room to improve our relationship and allow the Holy Spirit to "deal" with us on areas that need help.

The good news is that His mercy and love for you has not changed. The world may seem crazy but out of control it is not. Every single thing happening good or bad is under the watchful eye of our Father. We must however, become serious prayer warriors and walk the walk.....BOLDLY. This is no time to be weary but on fire!!!

Lives, souls and miracles are at stake here. We can't be lukewarm. I challenge you to answer the call and begin speaking life, pray consistently, read in some form the Word. Give Him a place and time in your busy schedule. One day , and it could be soon- that will be the ONLY thing that matters and priorities will change in a literal second without warning. Be ready . Share Love, Share Jesus and expect miracles.

You may say "I don't want to look foolish"...

My friend-- newsflash: you have been a fool for lesser things, lol, get over it.

Much Love & hugs!

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