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Guard Your Relationship with Jesus!

Be mindful and protective about what is spoken over you and what you receive.

. Not everyone wants your relationship to grow. Not everyone will understand if you draw in closer to Him; you may be labeled a Jesus Freak!! Thats ok because they don't comprehend what He can bring to your life compared to what they can offer you...there is no comparison. He IS peace, rest & love.

As the days pass by, guard and nurture that relationship with your Savior. He will be needed more and more. Your faith must be strong or the world will pick away at your weak foundation until it produces a crack. Know the Truth. Get fed in some way. If you and I can't make time for Him in some way each day to either read, watch a podcast, or daily devotion then just how serious are we?

Now is the time to ask 2 questions:

1. Am I having an affect on the world or am I being infected by world?

2. If you were to hover over yourself objectively for one day, would you know by your words and actions that you were a follower of Jesus? If not, then let us ask for His help in changing that. That my friend, is a prayer we can all pray that I am sure He will answer. God bless & hugs.

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