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Hallowed Be Thy Name

Good Morning Beautiful Faces !!!

Have you ever been hurt deeply by someone's words or name calling?

I think everyone on that planet has felt that gut kick at some time.

It can cause a true grief deep down in our hearts that is almost sickening.

Well God , our wonderful Heavenly Father is no different.

We are made in His image, correct?

So it only makes sense that His heart becomes saddened over what

we sometimes say or in how we use His name.

The phrase, "to hallow" means to make Holy. It refers to God's holiness

and His righteousness.

We speak often of God's mercy and love for us; but let us

remember the power , authority and wrath that is also a part of His being Almighty God.

We need to hallow the name of God; His name should be used purposefully and with

praise. Honor and respect should be behind our using the name of Jesus.

If you are guilty of misusing His name, know that there is Grace to Grow in this area.

Tell your Father that you are sincerely sorry for any pain you have caused in using His name

in a way that doesn't reflect His holiness and integrity. He is a very merciful Father and will quickly forgive you and remember it no more. What an incredible Father we have .

He comforts us, provides for us, and loves us far more than we deserve.

Friend, as long as we are striving to be more like Christ, then we are winning!

Be a light, and bring honor to our God and Savior.

Much love and hugs!!


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