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He Is Willing....

God says If you are willing, so am I.

He is willing to do exceedingly more than you even believe Him for. He is willing to keep every promise if you are willing to submit your cares fully to Him.

If you're a prodigal, He is willing to take you back right now, this morning, if you are willing to ask He is willing to receive you.

If you need deliverance He is willing to deliver you. So why isn't everyone delivered and restored and powerful?

We live in a skeptical world. We are untrusting of people and circumstances because we've been hurt. We distance ourselves and our hearts have become hardened over time. What we must remember, Is that Jesus isn't just anybody..... He is our supernatural Provider, our Restorer, and Healer of our mind ,body , and spirit. He is our Savior. Countless verses in The Bible give us insight on how we receive these things for our lives. We need to give Him total control of every area and then wait in a state of peace and assurance while He repairs it. We also need to be obedient to what He lays on our hearts. If there is an area He wants us to work on, then be obedient- not resistant- to what He says. We cant walk in disobedience and unbelief and expect blessing. Be faithful. Repent when needed and strive to be like Him. Have a fruitful week; give this week to Him. Every minute of it (good or bad)...and praise Him. Praise is powerful. He wants more for you than you want for yourself. Believe that He knows you better than you do. Believe enough to let go...stop trying to fix something that you don't have the power to fix. Tell God , that you trust Him enough to lay it all down. Every broken piece and ask Him to soften your heart and remove any resentment you may have. He truly loves you. Much love and hugs!

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