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John 15:14 (Doing Our Part)

John 15:14. you are my friend if you keep on doing the things which I commanded you to do.

The amplified version says : If you (really) love me you will keep my commands.

In the coming year we are not expected or pressured to walk perfectly . Jesus is the only one who could do that..

It DOES mean that we are to be aware of those areas (or shortcomings) and be actively on the journey of growing and becoming more like Christ. What is the old saying?: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck,- it's probably a duck. So ask Christians we should be walking in love as Christ did, we should be talking as Christ did, and definately acting as He did. I always encourage myself and others to take spiritual inventory at the beginning of the year.

Are there areas in how you walk that need adjusted? Are there areas in how you talk that need adjusted? And last but certainly not least, Do our actions need adjusted? And if you need adjusted in all 3 of those places that is OK!!! Just remember friend, a personal inventory is not to beat yourself up! It is for the soul purpose of lifting up individual aspects and needs of your spiritual walk and asking the Holy Spirit to help you fulfill them. You will need the help of the Holy Spirit.

Let the Holy Spirit mold and shape you into the person that your Creator sees you being this year. Don't worry about what people may say if you change certain areas or eliminate them completely. Guard your relationship with Jesus. Seek only to please Him, because He is worthy and deserving of such devotion. Guard your relationship because it is precious and valuable. So take quiet time and evaluate how you walk, how you talk ,and how you act. Listen deep inside and ask for God's wisdom in revealing what needs adjusted this year. Then ask yourself, what can I do to catch myself or change this action. Be purposeful. God Bless you my dear friends and much love!

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