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Marvelous Monday

Good Morning!!! Yes it IS a Monday morning but that is a good thing! We have a whole new week to see God's mercy. We have a whole new week to bless others and bring healing to a heart that is shattered. We can offer hope to someone who sees only darkness and is angry. We have a whole new week of drawing even closer to God or creating a new habit that we have put on hold that we know would help us to grow.

There are countless possibilities and opportunities to make this a great week.

So what is our mindset going to be? Perspective is everything. We are blessed to have this week; some won't.

God sees you at your best. He sees who He created you to be walking in His fullness and power.. Fully trusting, blessed, joyful and healed! Be that person this week in faith! Continue speaking it and praying it over yourself until you become that person!.

God will honor a prayer to become all He desires for us to be!!! When you ask for His will over your life He is overjoyed!!!! Renew your mind and everything will fall into place. Focus on the true priority this week- Jesus!

If He is your focus, then you are about to have a great week filled with favor and little hugs from Heaven where you can see His hand at work.

Pay attention; Look up and keep a Kingdom mindset. EXPECT to see Him ....and until you do, praise Him. Praise Him for your salvation because this world we live in right now is the only version of Heaven that some will see. Remember your purpose! Your purpose is to reflect the love and qualities that Jesus had and win souls with LOVE. Not hate speech, not guilting....just LOVE. Much love and hugs!

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