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Not forgotten; Not forsaken

Hello beautiful children of God.

Don't despair or be anxious. Remember that God is omnipresent. If you're hurting right now; He is present. If you are grieving right now; He is present. It doesn't matter if you're sitting in a rehab center , a jail cell , or a church pew....God is still present. We serve the most incredible God that loves us regardless of our predicament or location. If you are a prodigal; He welcomes you... You can always go back. Unconditional love is just that; and it isn't earned no matter how hard you try.

God is also All-powerful. Any circumstance you're in ( whether it was caused by you or out of your control), He has the power and ability and authority to change it. You aren't asked to fix it or solve it; You are asked to believe that He can! Surrender it. Even if you have surrendered it it again!!... and again... He is faithful!!!

If He hasn't given up on us, (and He hasn't!!) Then we certainly have no reason to give up on Him.

You WILL overcome and your circumstances WILL change..... Not because of you; But because of His love for you. Believe my friend, Take a deep breath, surrender it, and believe!!!

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