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Obedience Is Critical

Hello and good afternoon!!

The Lord has laid upon my heart just how critical obedience is in the life of a Believer.

Obedience is key when it comes to pleasing God and receiving fully what God has intended for us.

Obedience from us signifies that Jesus is not only our Savior, but He is our Lord. It shows our desire to put ourselves and our own motives aside and be a servant for Him.

When we go all in, Jesus meets us in the middle and that is where real change and real results are seen in our lives. He wants our devotion and is rightfully entitled to it.

There is limited power in disobedience. There is limited healing in disobedience. There is a literal abundance in Heaven waiting to manifest itself in our lives if we are right standing and submissive to Him. We can't be followers of Christ if we aren't following. We can't be the leader- That would be a train wreck.

There are areas in my own life that Jesus wants me to be more obedient and more submissive in. I will gladly accept His merciful correction because I know that all good things for my family and yours is waiting. I want to live a supernatural, Holy Spirit filled life.

I want to be on fire again for Jesus. When I walk into a room I want the presence of Almighty God to walk in with me.

The only way I can have these things is to be submissive and obedient and to give him the time daily that He deserves. I want a close relationship with my God. I cannot do this life without my Jesus...and I don't desire a tiny bit but an overflowing cup of His mercy and love every single day that He gives me. Thank you Jesus for your guidance and correction; let me walk it out and be pleasing to you. Nothing else is more important. Much love and hugs.

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