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Obedience Part 2

John 14:15

If you (really) love Me, you will keep (obey) My commands.

This is how we demonstrate our love for Jesus is by doing what He asks of us.

Obedience shows Jesus that we are serious about our relationship with Him. We respect Him and desire to please Him. He isn't a free meal ticket to Heaven so we can live how we want.


He is our Lord; He is our Savior. He is our Intercessor when we pray. He is at times our Healer and our Provider.

It was OUR face He thought of when He took OUR punishment - the punishment we deserved.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me weeks ago that I was selfish. It isn't all about me- sure I'm saved but I am here for a bigger purpose than just making myself happy and comfortable. I lost focus. I let the world creep into my mind too far. I didn't recognize the shift in my thinking until the Holy Spirit corrected me and I was able to repent. I want to be obedient and make my Father proud.

There aren't too many things in my life that I'm proud of; I truly want to succeed in pleasing God. After all, He knows where He found me, and boy, He knows where I've been. I need a revival in my own mind sometimes. I need a re-dedication in my heart and push that world right back out . I am not OF this world; I just live in it - for now.

Obedience means I submit to spewing harsh and hateful words when I am angry as though I have no control over myself.

It means I exchange those words for strong, factual, real expressions and show respect for others, myself and My God.

I am all about standing up for yourself but obedience means we submit to handling things Gods way not ours. It's a choice.

If God is Plan B to your Plan A then we have a mighty big problem.

If we are followers of Jesus , then follow! Either He is, or isn't ?

God has to be Plan A . If we can't submit , then we aren't trusting. If we aren't trusting then we need to ask God to help us to understand why we feel we can't trust Him. We need to be honest with God and ask Him to show us , reveal to us, the root of not being submissive. The world we live in fights that word at every turn, but submissive isn't a bad word when it comes to Jesus.

Have you really reviewed your life when you are in charge!!%$

Seriously, what do you have to lose in letting go and totally and completely letting God have it. Let me put it this way , He is our Creator and knows every detail of our innermost being. Would you take your car to the dealership that made it , or to your plumber when it breaks?

Ungrip those grimey little fingers from your life and let God have it.

I am working through this process myself right now, I get it. It's hard for us self reliant folks who grew up taking care of our own business; but truth is, you never were. Accept it. You are powerless on your own. Jesus is the key to power, authority , joy and transforming your life.

I don't know when He is coming back but I can encourage you from the deepest part of heart to re-submit your life to Him if you have wandered off a little. Turn it all over to Him. When He does come back , be ready. There is nothing more important in this entire world or on this entire planet than being in right standing with God. That doesn't mean you are perfect; you can't be.

It DOES mean that you do your very best to grow and be dedicated to growing more and more like Him. It means not always reacting the way you want but going with Plan A -

Jesus is Plan A, you my friend, are Plan B.

Much love and as always, Hugs.

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