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Powerful Prayers

Powerful Prayers Let us pray, Join me......

Father in Heaven, You know all things so I can trust in Your Wisdom and Your Direction. You are everywhere so I can trust that you go before me and surround me every step of my day. You are all powerful so I know that things I cannot fix , need only be given to You. You are loving , kind and beyond merciful in your dealings with me. Thank you Jesus for being my total everything!

Bless and keep me this day . Give me revelation and a new mindset so I can be mentally renewed and powerful. I declare any plan, power or principality working against me and my family will be broken off today in Jesus Name. I declare my family will serve you, and those members that are struggling will share a testimony that leads many to Christ. WE will have VICTORY this year !! My word this year is Victory and I am standing firm on it. You have good plans for me and my family. Every illness, plan and wrong mindset needs to go in Jesus name! Me and my family WILL walk in power , in healing and bring a testimony with us that will be kryptonite to the devil. I will no longer accept what I want for my life but only the will of my Father in Heaven. Bless and change us Lord. Let those around us be lead to You by the magnitude of change in me that they see taking place. Let 2023 be a year of transformation in Your Mighty Name I ask these things. I cry out to the Name above ALL Names... the might name of JESUS. There IS power in the name of Jesus. May all glory go to you. Amen

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