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My friends, I pray for you today.

God, Please bless this nation and your children who are depending on you this this day.

Renew our minds and help us to focus on those things that are beautiful and joyful and beneficial to our mental health. Remove those things that weigh heavy on our minds that we have no control over and cannot fix.

We release those things to you Jesus, We put them in Your capable, kind, and loving hands. Heal our brokeness Lord from within , so we do not break others.

Help us to unlearn unhealthy habits that may have been carried from generation to generation to generation. Renew hope in our hearts that yes we can change today. We place ourselves like putty in Your hands and ask that You, the Master Potter, mold us into people who can bring glory to Your Name and direct others to You in hope for their healing &salvation also. Let us not waste an opportunity or be silent when Truth needs spoken. Fill us with Your boldness and character. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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