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Good morning everyone. It is great to have access to this page again!!! Friends do not be discouraged whatever your situation. Stay close in your heart to the One who can deliver you. I can't tell you why we have to endure difficult times. I can't tell you why it can take so long to get an answer from God...

But I do believe that God is looking over us on our behalf and I believe He wants good things for us and our lives. Maybe you're going through a health crisis ,a mental crisis ,or financial but whatever it is, continue to believe that the answer is coming and trust His timing for when it should happen. I know its hard! I know you feel like giving you have nothing left ....but sometimes, many times- that is when He shows up so all the glory goes to Him without question. Its a chance for those around you who may not believe, to see why you do serve Him and pray.

Prayer: I pray you have a blessed weekend friends. Make God give you a peace and a strength that silences all worry ,anxiety and fear. May his love surround you in a way a that you can actually feel His presence. May Your eyes stay focused above and may the Holy Spirit speak, guide and direct your next steps. Breathe. You aren't alone. You will get through this in a way that when you look back in years to come, you will see God's divine direction and protection. Until then, Continue to pray and believe and stand firm. May He repay all the enemy has stolen 10 fold in your life. In Jesus name , Amen.

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