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Rise Up Church; you are the Bride

Here are a few quotes from a book I read for one of my pastoral classes entitled:

Developing A Supernatural Lifestyle, by Kris Vallotton.

I think these quotes deserve some thought....

"We are not supposed to reflect our culture; we are commissioned to transform it."

"As long as Christians are not valued in society they will have no influence in the world. "

You only have as much influence in people's lives as they have value for you.

(We must show integrity, strength and live a Godly life for us to be respected and valued. Look at Billy Graham. He walked upright, no scandels and was valued and respected by many. T

his gave him influence in many areas that God opened to him. )

"God never intended Christianity to be a subculture; subcultures are those cultures that are subservient to a more powerful culture"

It is imperative to have our identity solid and strong. We are the Bride of Christ. We are children of the King. Meditate on it; receive it, and become Kingdom minded. There are strongholds waiting to be broken and we are the only ones to do it.

Much love & hugs.

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