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Season to Season....

Good Morning friend ! Wouldn't it be great if every season was roses and rainbows?

Yep, that would be pretty awesome , or so we think. But where did you first feel compassion? Maybe in grade school when your best friend fell and skinned their knee. You hurt right alongside them and comforted them most likely. What made you feel bad for them? Probably because you had fallen at one time and knew how bad that pavement felt on your bony little knees!! You winced as your friend took a tumble....maybe even looked away.

What's the point? Sometimes we need the painful seasons to grow as a human being; to be a better person- a stronger Believer. We don't grow during roses and rainbows.... we praise Him during those season but we may not reach out to Him as often because we feel there is

no "need". My friend , God wants relationship and to see us happy and whole in every way; but sometimes our healing, our growth, our lesson as a person would come no other way then through a difficult season!!! If we practice , seeking Him daily and making Him (not only our Savior) but our Lord, then quite possibly we would have more seasons of roses and rainbows because we would continue growing in our lives. I am not saying we should seek him for results!!!... I am saying we seek Him because we love Him and we surrender all to Him trusting that He will right the wrongs in our lives and will be our defense and vindicator. He is for you 100%. He loves you completely regardless of where you are right now.

You may be in a season that has almost broken you. Please don't give up!! Don't surrender to a season that WILL pass; surrender to Him who can change the season and your life.

If you are angry at God , He can handle it; but make amends. Life is so very hard at times even with Jesus; you do not want to go it alone and without His protection and provision.

He will restore every year the enemy has taken....HE WILL !!! He will restore peace to you and your faith if it is a bit shakey right now. That's ok. He knows you better than you know yourself. He understands and sees you; He WILL deliver you. If you are in a season that is super difficult He knows. He will not let it overtake you child !! You may feel like it; but He knows and just when you think you cannot take another step, another day... He will show up in a Mighty way and reveal His power to you. Stay close to Him, maybe for some it means re-dedicating your life to Him; whatever, you feel the Holy Spirit knudging you to healed and walk out of that season right next to Jesus ! HE never left you!

Have a blessed day; and take a deep may smell the sweet odor of roses nearby.

Hugs and Much Love,


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