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Seek First The Kingdom..

Matthew 6:33 ESV says:

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

In the prior sentences , Jesus was speaking of our basic needs for food, clothing etc.

He assures us that if He remains first, if we Seek (that requires action on our part) God and His righteousness , THEN all these "needs" will be added to you.

I believe a key factor in seeking Him is the state of our heart; our motive. We should not be seeking Him because of what He can do for us or give us. We must seek purely out of love for Him and His sacrifice. We do have a loving Father who desires to bring gifts into our lives, but we cannot make that the reason for seeking Him. If He does nothing more for us, we are blessed beyond measure for we have salvation and eternal life with those we love that have chosen Him.

And yet, He lavishes us with His Holy Spirit, with joy, with wisdom and direction. He speaks to us and shows Himself in a variety of ways. He is truly our life companion and desires relationship and connection with us. We need to remind ourselves to put Him first always, and life would have less worries and we would have less issues. Praise Him throughout the day because of who He is!!! Give God gratitude not attitude . We must humble ourselves often and do a self check on what is important and how to protect and honor

such a beautiful relationship.

As we see how the world is progressing, it should be a wake up call to put your spiritual life in order. Make it a priority and lean on Him like never before. Talk to Him throughout the day , every day . Do not make big decisions without hearing from God. Remain in Him and you will retain a sense of peace. God has great things to those who seek Him and desire to know Him on a deeper level. This weekend take some "God time"; just you and Him. Go outside or to your room and just start by thanking Him for having His hand in this nation or it would be far worse. We live in a country founded on Christian principles and I firmly believe that we are blessed to live here.

Much love and as always- Hugs!

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