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Suffering? Discouraged?

Just because you are suffering doesn't mean that Jesus doesn't care about your feelings or your situation. It also doesn't mean that He isn't IN the situation. When you cry, He cries. He loves you beyond what you can even understand.

We pray , we plead and we wait. Sometimes the answer seems to take a lifetime and we get discouraged. Let's face it , the devil doesn't help w/ all the lies he puts in your head.... the fear.... the what ifs.

You aren't alone . You aren't forgotten. Don't push away the very One that can comfort you. Don't be angry. Friend we will all suffer in this world. We will all have battle scars. It's hard; very hard !! You know what's harder? Trying to fight it all w/ anger and hostility that steals every ounce of your peace. Be angry that the enemy is attacking you but pray and draw closer to your Helper. Without the Holy Spirit and honest conversation and prayer with our Maker, we won't have victory. He is the one that makes all things work together for good; and He is the only to deliver you from yourself and your situation. Turn TO Him...not away.

Much love & hugs. BE victorious. Don't quit.

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