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The Christmas Card

My dad once told me that when he worked in a factory in LIncoln, he sometimes ate lunch and talked to a quiet man. He was very much a loner; you know the type. ...sits alone, doesn't participate in conversation. Most workers just ignored him; but my dad (much like myself) can strike up a conversation with anyone. Over time, the fellow shared a little more of his life and memories. Christmas time came and back then you mailed cards to friends and family; LOTS of cards!! It was common, almost expected. We had probably 40 or so cards taped on the wall down our hallway every year with kind wishes and blessings on each one. My mom especially loved receiving cards. It was a big deal back then; a beautiful, simple treasure. They had finished writing out cards that year and had a few left over. My dad decided to write one to this fellow at work. He put a nice message in it and took it to work the next day.

What he didn't expect was the reaction he received.....after all , cards were common and everyone received lots of them every year....right?

My dad handed him the card and the fellow looked stunned, deer in the headlights, stunned.

He was speechless and had a bewildered look of unbelief on his face as though my dad had just handed him a purple pony. He stared for a moment and said thank you!! He held it as though it were gold. ... to him it was. My dad , had not given a card, but the gift of love.

The man cried , sobbed, then told my dad he would keep this card forever; it was the first Christmas card he had ever received in his entire life!!! This man was not young.

Now you may say, what is the point of this Christmas story in ????

The point is, what we see as ordinary , for some, it can be life changing. The act of kindness

and showing honor goes a long way. Jesus knew this; he never overlooked anyone !

Jesus knew people desperately want to feel valued and loved. Maybe that's why the only commandment He gave us was to Love one another! He knew the life changing difference it can make. It doesn't have to be Christmas to share the spirit of Christ, the Love of Christ.

It could be a post it note on a co workers desk, a quick message or a card. Seek ways to love others and ask God to put someone in your path today to love. He will !!! He would honor that request in a heartbeat. Hold the door, give a sincere compliment, offer to help someone if you see them struggling. As Believers, we must be children of action, not mere words. Loving people, slowing down to see a need, is far more important than our agenda for the day.

May God bless you today and put someone in your path for you to be a blessing to. !! Look for them; they are there, they may be quiet, seem unfriendly....don't let that stop you from being kind. You may be the only Jesus they see today. Jesus had time because Jesus knew His purpose; stay focused friend on the mission.

Much Love,


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