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Unfathomable Love....

That is the love He feels for each of us. It's hard to accept and put into perspective isn't it? Because we know how we are; we know how unworthy and ungrateful we can be. How do we wrap our head around the love of God!? For some, it's immediate; for others, like myself, it takes time.... years even.

Imagine this, You are standing next to Jesus. God looks upon you both , and when He looks at Jesus, He see's every mean, cruel, hateful deed that you (and I) did, every unkind word, he see's your addiction, who youv'e slept with, your adultry , your lies, your mouth and the toxins it can spew.... God sees that all over Jesus. Jesus takes the "blame" for your sin/ He receives the punishment without saying a word. He didn't deserve our filth. He cried over it; He prayed over it..... but this was the only way - so He CHOSE to take your place. God sees your garbage and mine - dumped on Him. The stench of it all .

But now- When God gazes upon you , He see's only the worthiness of Christ. The cleanness, the righteousness that radiates from you. No sin is seen. No condemnation is handed down.

Now, take a look at Jesus standing next to you, and say "Thank you Jesus, for such a LOVE as this.!! I do not deserve this!! YOU didn't deserve my sin to be dumped all over you and yet you took it and said nothing. " He accepted our garbage because He loves us that much. He isn't concerned with the unfairness of what happened to Him. He is only concerned with you. You are valued that much!! Let no one on this planet ever take that Truth from you. Jesus died for you even if you were the ONLY person on this planet. He gave everything to save you and restore you. He deserves our loyalty and to be praised.

No one will EVER do what He did for mankind or love you more. He is worthy of being shared. He is worthy of being celebrated. He is worthy of surrendering our lives. HE IS Worthy!!! Much love & hugs.

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