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Working Out The Bugs ...

I have learned a whole new level of patience while trying to create this website. Had it not been for my oldest, this site would still not be done. There is so much more behind the scenes than I realized when starting this endeavor. For ex: the buttons and links ; how to attach them so when someone clicks, it actually directs them to the right place. So many components are involved and need thought out.

I have discovered that during this process, there could be a spiritual application as well.

In order to be pleasing to God , we must seek Him and desire to grow nearer to Him. When we do this, the Holy Spirit takes on the task of "working out the bugs" in order for us to be more fruitful and function properly in our daily walk. Until these "qualities" or "bugs" get worked out , we are not as kind , loving, forgiving or powerful in our walk. We aren't very EFFECTIVE. That is a very important thing to be as a Believer- Effective!!!!!

If my forgive button , isn't linked back to scripture, or properly connected to my heart, then I may harbor that bitterness because that link in my life isn't working properly. If my link isn't tied to the Word of God , then I can easily be directed to the wrong place..... like addiction or temptation. It takes patience while these bugs are being worked out and/or removed or linked to the the right Truth from God's Word. If we are patient, just like today; it will finally come together and our effectiveness can increase.

What "bugs" need worked out today my friend? Don't be overwhelmed, simply ask the Holy Spirit to reveal one bug at a time and to begin fixing it within your heart and mind so that you can re-learn the proper response when that "button" is pushed.

Much like a stained glass window, all of your broken pieces will be brought together to link perfectly with one another and create something so beautiful it takes your breath away.

Don't be down on yourself; God isn't. God is for you 100% , every day, all day, every time.

It's a process friend! Have a blessed day and get re-connected to our awesome and Mighty Creator.

Much Love, and of course, Hugs!!!


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