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Worship Moves Darkness...

If you struggle (especially in the winter) with being down sometimes or maybe you are in a situation where you feel desperate or uneasy. Rest seems impossible and solutions nowhere to be found. You aren't alone! Assuredly , everyone has felt those feelings in his/her life at some point and it certainly isn't our favorite place to be is it? Nope .

We will take the green pastures all day long, but Lord can we just whisk right through the desert part. We want easy and we want answers now not tomorrow.... it's the world we live in.

God, however, doesn't really concern Himself with "our" timeline because God is God. I have found when you feel empty, low, and beat up by your concerns and thoughts that one thing that settles it all is this... WORSHIP. I am not asking you to "feel" like it; I am stating a fact that if we begin thanking Him, and praising Him, and singing to Him, that all of a sudden, our burdens will lighten. Our mind will find rest . In the midst of the roar of the storm, there we will find a peace. Worship. Praise God for being God!! No motive other than to praise and love on Him. The next time you are down, try it. You cannot stay all "jacked up" when you are singing, praising and worshipping. The spiritual atmosphere is transformed by worship. Make today your day for breakthrough. Much Love & as always- Hugs.

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